Demand planning​



Build a bottom up picture of what gaps are coming, where, why and WHEN

 recruitment demand planning

Is it possible to offer a proactive service if you don’t know what support your business managers will need?

We think not! The Foresight platform effortlessly engages your line managers on a regular basis and conducts a “digital conversation;” finding out any reasons for future gaps, and when they will occur.
All data, including what, where and when, is automatically collated into an easy to use reporting suite, giving insights across your business with handy countdowns to when each specific role is needed by!

With this core data, your teams can:

 recruitment growth
Buy or grow the talent needed
 drawing tablet
Design processes and policies to suit business demand
 budgeting for recruitment
Create budgets linked to delivery volume​
 scale recruitment demand
Compare tactical demand against strategic plan​
 laptop looking at reports
Deliver data led, proactive HR support to business stakeholders​

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