5 Things Recruiters Must Stop Doing In 2019!

5 Things Recruiters Must Stop Doing In 2019!

February 07, 2019
AI and outdated KPIs; we've heard enough!

1: Talking About AI

Okay. I get it. AI is exciting. We’ve all seen The Terminator.

But can you say you’re ready for AI in your team? What would you do with it?

The reality of recruitment is, we’re struggling to master the basics right now. 

90% of recruitment teams aren’t working from a plan. They have no idea what they’re going to be recruiting this year, this quarter, this month.

What’s AI going to help you do? Send more roles off to the Agencies?

Our time will come. Don’t worry. For now though, it’s embarrassing.

The rest of the business is looking at us like, “Really… You guys?”

2: Worrying About Time to Hire

2019 is upon us, and recruiters are still sweating over their time to hire!

I blame my team and I for not doing a good enough job of ousting TTH in 2018.

So let’s try now!

Answer me this… Does the time it took you to find a candidate matter, if the role has been live for 40 days?

Flip that on it’s head. Does the time it took you to find a candidate matter, if you have filled the role the day your company needs it? 

Some may say that a long time to hire = an ineffective recruitment process. But what if it took that long to find the perfect candidate? If you’ve got plenty of notice on a role, then you should be able to choose the right candidate, not any candidate.

Stop sweating time to hire.

It’s a metric made up by ATS’s to plug the importance of their products.

It isn’t a measurement of your performance. Empty Chair time is where it’s at. I won’t go into detail here. If you’re interested in how to prove your value to the C-Suite, check out this intro to Empty Chair Time here.

3: Firefighting

Let me guess, right now you’ve got a tonne of live reqs and not enough time to fill them all.

This is reality for most recruiters. Why? Because they accept it as the job.

When you’re stuck firefighting, you never make a dent in your work-load. And here’s why:

Get off the conveyor belt

There are many causes of this mentality in your business. Such as:

  1. Hiring mangers don’t know any better

They don’t understand or don’t care how long recruitment takes. Their job is to send you the reqs (when they get round to it) then it’s your problem.

  1. The business doesn’t respect recruitment

A sad reality is most businesses won’t invest in recruitment. It’s our fault, we aren’t showing ROI from that investment. See the Empty Chair Time Intro for more on this.

  1. You have accepted it!

A master-servant relationship has developed. Hiring managers go to agencies and leave you to pick up the tab. 

The point being, has a hiring manager ever got into trouble for telling you about a role late? Have you ever had an escalation for delivering on a role late?


4: Ignoring the Maths

The maths of recruitment doesn’t add up. 

Reading this, I’m sure you have 30,40,50 live reqs. Let’s take on average recruiters have 25 (You wish, right?!)

So, 25 reqs in a 37 hour work week. 

1.5 hours per req per week.

1.5 hours to:

  • Source,
  • Attract,
  • Screen,
  • Qualify,
  • Present to hiring managers,
  • Feedback to candidates,
  • Chat to the manager and set up interview. 

You don’t have the time to add value while running recruitment like this. Stop accepting it. Talk to your manager. It’s their job to help you.

5. Stop saying “New Year New Job”


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