Havering Case Study

Talent Manager at the London Borough of Havering, Dan DeBuc, tells us about his Foresight experience in his own words.

Carrier Case Study

Director of Talent Acquisition for EMEA & APAC at Carrier, Dan Fitzpatrick, tells us about his Foresight experience in his own words.

DHU Healthcare Case Study

Head of Talent Acquisition at DHU Healthcare, Chris Rowe, tells us about his Foresight experience so far in his own words.

What's the Difference Between Workforce Planning and Workforce Forecasting?

Workforce Planning, or Workforce Forecasting? The ideas and methods overlap, but there is a difference.

6 Reasons Why Poor Workforce Planning Inhibits Business Growth

Failing to prioritize workforce planning can result in organizations missing out on the advantages of expansion. Below, we explore six ways inadequate workforce planning can hinder the progress of a business.
workforce planning

A guide to workforce planning

A guide to workforce planning - why, how, where to start and what you’ll need! A 5 minute read.
Talent Acquisition Transformation

The Case for Talent Acquisition Transformation

Newsflash – the way your company recruits is crazy. It literally makes no sense! It is bad for candidates, managers, and recruiters. Read on to find out why…
What is Pre-Recruitment and are you doing it?

The Pre-Recruitment Timezone

In this short read (10 mins), redefine where the recruiting process starts and ends and understand the huge benefits to be had when you do!
Proactive TA / TM

Proactive Talent Acquisition / Talent Management

The benefits of driving a more proactive strategic talent acquisition / management function (5 min read)
Proactive HR Problem People Managers

People Managers Need Help

Only 1 in 10 people managers are naturally any good at managing a team. Read more to understand why and how helping them can really boost business productivity!
Empty Chair Time

Empty Chair Time

The tired old metrics you live your life by as a HR professional are meaningless to your business. It’s time to start talking about Empty Chair Time and Cost; read on to learn more…
Proactive HR: A Lesson from 1999

Create a Proactive HR Function

The value of creating a proactive HR delivery machine is obvious. This quick read (5 mins) gives ideas about what can be achieved and why as a HR Leader you should invest some thought to this topic!

5 Biggest Workforce Planning Risks & How To Avoid Them

Avoid these common pitfalls when beginning your Workforce Planning journey.

What a resourcing plan is & how to create one

A resourcing plan, sometimes known as a workforce or demand plan, consists of data captured from the business that shows known recruitment demand for the next 12-18 months.

What Is The The Ultimate Resourcing Dashboard?

The ultimate resourcing dashboard shows you at a glance everything you need to know about your recruitment demand over the next 12-18+ months.

150 Days Lead Time – What Would You Do?

For most people, 150 days lead time seems mythical. For our customers, it's the norm. So we asked Recruitment Marketing Experts SMRS what they would do with it!

5 Things Recruiters Must Stop Doing In 2019!

AI and outdated KPIs; we've heard enough!

What Is Empty Chair Time?

A new metric that shows the real cost of a slow recruitment function.

Passive Candidates Won’t “Apply Now”!

Your outreach to passive candidates shouldn’t be about your jobs, your EVP or your company at all.

How To Build A Strategy For Talent Acquisition

What do you need to build a great TA function? What should you strategy look like? I couldn't find a talent acquisition strategy guide. So, I've written one!

Fleetcor Case-Study

Fleetcor is the global leader in commercial payments. Nick was new in his job, and Foresight got him on the front foot from the start!

Down with Time To Hire!

What is it with Recruiting functions wanting to measure how quickly they can blast through a recruitment process (or not)? How is this useful to anyone?

What Makes Great Recruitment Professionals?

Great recruitment professionals take ownership of their process. They aren't pushed around by the business. They are a peer and respected!

Painful, Senseless, Low Value!

Why then is it still commonplace that a company would engage in the madness of a PSL project?

Jacobs Case Study

Jacobs has $10bn in yearly revenue. Imagine having the job of forecasting & Planning their recruitment! Well, that's our job and it's a piece of cake!

Vodafone Case Study

Our work with Vodafone has been amazing! This case study outlines problems that almost every business is experiencing at some level.

Ideal Standard Case Study

Ideal Standard are undergoing a digital transformation period. Digitalising and automating their recruitment forecasting was a clear and obvious choice.

Proactive Recruitment – What Does It Really Mean?

Proactive Recruitment it's probably not what you think...

Recruitment Planning Tutorial [5 EASY STEPS] : Get Proactive!

Planning in-house recruitment seems daunting. But it doesn't have to be. Our 5 step framework get's you from reactive hell to proactive heaven in two weeks

To Talent pool, or not to Talent pool. That is the question!

In my humble opinion, the notion of talent pooling is dangerous and a massively overused concept in our profession.

Faster, Higher, Stronger Recruitment

How to set your Talent Acquisition function up for Olympian level success

Recruitin’ Ain’t Nothing More Than Supply & Demand!

Obviously the recruitment process is centred on people rather than materials. However, can recruitment learn a lesson from supply chain?