Fleetcor Case-Study

Fleetcor Case-Study

November 21, 2018
Fleetcor is the global leader in commercial payments. Nick was new in his job, and Foresight got him on the front foot from the start!


We’re the global leader in commercial payments. Operating in over 50 countries worldwide. We process 3 billion transactions each year generating over £2.2 billion in revenue. Fleetcor has multiple business areas all handling resource planning in their own way. We needed to unify this process in a way that worked for everybody.


Why Try Foresight?

I saw Foresight at a point where my remit had grown to cover new regions so the timing was perfect. Foresight could help me understand the challenges I would be facing.
Foresight is flexible enough to cover our different business areas and nudges hiring managers into thinking proactively about their recruitment needs.
I let my team get started with Foresight directly.
Quickly my team had data for upcoming vacancies in multiple regions that we’ve never had before.


What Did I Achieve For TA & HR?

  • A picture of future hiring demand started building within minutes directly from hiring managers
  • 90% of hiring managers submitted recruitment needs by the end of the pilot
  • Up to 10 months advanced notice for vacancies – which we’re now starting campaigns for
  • Opened a channel of communication between recruitment and hiring managers
  • Flushed out hiring managers using agencies (and paying from my budget) when they should be coming to my team instead
  • Saved HRBPs the job of having these conversations while still giving them access to the data


What Did I Achieve For The Business?

  • We now get people into roles sooner. Hiring managers are happier and teams are more productive
  • Cost savings from reduced agency spend and increased direct sourcing
  • Accurate recruitment and resourcing plans that business Heads Of can access for their areas


What Are My Plans Now?

Now we’ve opened communications with hiring managers, they have offered suggestions on how to improve our data!
The first step is to make these changes and re-launch Foresight to the rest of the business.
Then we’ll have data for everybody and we can start all our recruitment earlier. The feedback from hiring managers and recruiters has been great so this will be a quick and simple roll-out.
Then we’ll align everybody at our next quarterly refresh and make improvements to the process as we go.



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