Recruiters – You’re drowning! We understand!

The problem isn’t you…

…or even your hiring managers…

…it’s the way companies recruit…

You’re suffering from Reactivitis!


  • Poor work / life balance
  • Stressed
  • Unmanageable inbox
  • Slipping performance
  • Strained relationships
  • Reputation taking a hit
  • Unfair escalations
  • Never taking lunchbreaks

Self Remedies

  • Work evenings & weekends
  • Rely on using agencies
  • Avoid hiring managers
  • Prioritise those that shout loudest
  • Look for another job!

Prognosis = Terminal …


There is a different way – Foresight Recruiter

It’s time to change, join our community and #takecontrol


#takecontrol today, don’t spend another day/week/year/job on the conveyor belt!


Annual license


  • Unlimited usage
  • Unlimited team size
  • Unlimited questionnaires
  • Online user support
  • User video tutorials
  • User community membership

Or, put another way….

  • 1/3 the cost of an average agency placement fee
  • 1/3 the cost of a LinkedIn recruiter seat
  • The cost of 5-10 job board adverts

Or even…

  • £165 per month for a step change in your performance!

Don’t just take our word for it

  • Alan WalkerAlan Walker#ChatTalent

    Foresight Recruiter is one of the most strategically valuable pieces of recruitment technology I’ve seen in the last 2 years, and certainly the most unique in its capabilities.

  • Hung LeeHung LeeRecruiting Brainfood

    So many of the problems in recruitment come down to a lack of planning. Foresight Recruiter takes the problem, finds the solution in a tool which is simple, easy to use and immediately impactful. This is what great recruitment tech looks like!

  • Tim SackettTim SackettThe Tim Sackett Project

    About once a year I’m completely shocked and surprised by a technology and this is the case with Foresight. I told the Foresight team, and I’ll tell you, this is the most impressive piece of HR Technology I’ve seen in a long time!

  • Jacob Sten MadsenJacob Sten MadsenRecruitment Evolution

    The most substantial direct bottom line/black on white, ROI proven HR Tech in the market for all things corporate recruitment forecasting…it’s intelligent stuff.

I’m ready to build my hiring team!

Things your manager will say when you ask for a measly £165 per month:

It’s not my job

Really? Whose job is it to capture your hiring plan for the next 12  months? HR? Finance? The business? Sorry but no one will fix this on your behalf. If you don’t do it, then you’ll always be in reactive mode.

We don’t have any budget this year

You won’t have any budget next year either. At no point will finance wake up and think ‘wouldn’t it be great to give recruitment more budget’. More likely the exact opposite will happen and next year you will be asked to do more for less. So, it’s a case of reassigning budget. Normally our recruiters will reassign some agency, job board or other secondary budget. The ROI of Foresight speaks for itself with an average ROI of 1000+. Yes really! We also often find that recruiters secure budget from a key stakeholder whose recruiting performance is going to be dramatically improved as a result of the spend (just a thought).

I don’t want to burden our hiring managers

This is a sad one for us to hear. Think about it, by not burdening them you’re actually making the recruitment offering worse. Your hiring managers know what they need to recruit, no one else. By them providing this info upfront you’ll be solving a hell of a lot more than their recruitment issues. Less interviews, better quality candidates, less empty chair time for people in their team. Wouldn’t they prefer to provide the data in a slick, easy to use format rather than a clunky, mind imploding excel spreadsheet? You bet they would!

We already get this info from Finance?

Hmmm – really? Sorry, we doubt that you do. At best they might provide a headcount / budget planning number. But a hiring plan it isn’t. How effective is just having a large number to work to? What we provide is a plan; broken down by every role, every job title, every grade, every location and when. Imagine that.

We are implementing an ATS/ HRIS system, we don’t have the resource

So what? Foresight requires zero implementation and no software downloads for hiring managers. If you’re currently obtaining this info all you’re doing is making the process even easier. No implementation. We’ll say it again. No implementation.

There is too much change / it’s not the right time

No sh#@ there is too much change. Business’ change all the time. That’s where 80% of your vacancies come from! You need to know about the change otherwise you’ll be reactive forever. If you wait until there is no change, you’ll be waiting for a very long time, or your business will go out of business. Remember those guys at Blockbuster, Woolworths, Toys R Us……

Does it integrate with my current ATS?

Of course it does. It’s not 1999.  However, everyone’s integration needs are different. Start using it and let us know where it needs to connect. This way you’ll save yourself a lot of time and dosh without needless integrations.

Will this replace my job?

Nope. For one you’re not actually doing this already are you? Using Foresight will free up your time so you can add value where it is needed – as a kick ass recruiter! This will actually make your job more interesting (unless you love hours of pointless admin that is)!

Now that’s all settled, let’s talk!!