Our Technology

Our Technology

Harness the power of AI automation and workforce planning to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

 Workforce Planning Dashboard
 Workforce Planning Reports

Bottoms up!

There’s no need for a vague top-down 'plan' from Finance or complicated (and expensive!) ATS analytics bolt-ons to figure out your workforce planning. Our solution gives you accurate, granular data straight from the people who know your workforce the best: your hiring managers. Our automations take care of the tactical stuff, whilst our reporting suite and quarterly insights report allow you to build a longer term workforce planning strategy.

Integration, integration, integration

We integrate with nearly every ATS on the market. Foresight automatically creates jobs in your ATS straight from your dynamic hiring plan, building in up to 150 days extra lead time on every role. Giving your recruiters time to find the best candidates, when the business actually needs them – rather than being at the mercy of last-minute requests and agency fees.

 Workforce Planning Teamwork
 Workforce Planning Teamwork

Recruiting is a team sport...

For less than 10 minutes of your hiring managers time every 3 months, you can look forward to an average of 150 days extra lead time on every role your organisation recruits. There’s no lengthy implementation, and it only takes a few weeks to start seeing a difference – and for your managers to start reaping the benefits, too. Minimal time investment, maximum results!

To proactivity, and beyond

You might’ve heard we’re really really good at recruitment planning. But did you know that Foresight can also help you tackle succession planning, performance and retention issues, at no extra cost? Just talk to your dedicated Customer Success Lead, or get in touch with us if you’d like to book a demo.

 Workforce Planning Proactivity

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