Jacobs Case Study

Jacobs Case Study

November 16, 2018
Jacobs has $10bn in yearly revenue. Imagine having the job of forecasting & Planning their recruitment! Well, that's our job and it's a piece of cake!


With $10 billion in revenue and over 77,000 employees across more than 400 locations, forecasting & planning our recruitment has always been a challenge. Different areas of the business have various levels of planning in place. TA was left to fill in the gaps.

We needed more time if we were going to be effective in finding the best talent for our teams. Also, we couldn’t continue to ignore the risk associated with storing all our recruitment data in Excel, saved to people’s desktops.


Why Try Foresight?

I saw Foresight and knew the tool could bring all our processes together into one way of operating.
I chose a pilot area to get buy-in from the business.
I told The Foresight team what data we needed to capture from hiring managers and they worked with me to tailor the tool to our needs.
Having no budget of my own, the plan was to use this pilot to demonstrate to the business the ROI of automating the forecasting & planning of our recruitment.
It was quick and easy to get started. We launched the pilot and hiring managers started submitting roles within minutes.


What Results Have I Achieved For TA?

  • 100% completion rate by hiring managers
  • Up to 300 days advanced noticed for upcoming roles
  • Feedback from my pilot area Director to my boss about value I have brought him in automating a process he was manually doing on Excel


What Results Have I Achieved For The Business?

  • The Director of the pilot area reported time saved, and how he can use the data to improve his entire function. He can now have data-based conversations with division managers (and his boss)
  • Jacobs COO is no longer concerned with the risk of our recruitment data
  • Hiring managers are thinking proactively about future recruitment demand
  • Business leaders have confidence that TA are aware of upcoming vacancies
  • We’re finding better talent sooner, because I have more time to find what the business needs


What Are My Plans Now?

Now I’ve proved the ROI of automating our recruitment forecasting & planning, I’m rolling out Foresight to the rest of the hiring managers in my remit.
My plan is to pass accountability and ownership of using the tool to others within Jacobs now they can see the value in it.
Ultimately I want all of TA forecasting & planning their recruitment.
The benefits are real.
You’re set-up in minutes.
You must try Foresight for yourself.


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