Faster, Higher, Stronger Recruitment

Faster, Higher, Stronger Recruitment

October 24, 2018
How to set your Talent Acquisition function up for Olympian level success

Just like the Olympic motto Faster Higher Stronger, in-house recruitment’s motto should be – Faster, Better, Cheaper!

Better candidates, in a faster time frame using the least amount of possible resources please. Every day, all the ruddy time. If recruiters were Olympians I’d say we would be double-decathletes due to the sheer amount of specialisms we have to master on a day to day basis. With hiring managers now screaming louder than ever. They want the highest calibre candidates in the quickest, most cost effective time frames. Our jobs are getting harder. Throw in the fact that our competitors are more sophisticated in attracting talent. Not to mention candidates getting ever more savvy too. *wipes sweat off brow*

“So how do we stay ahead of the competition?” Easy!

First of all look at how we are stopping ourselves. Look at what chance we are giving ourselves in the race for the best talent.

Usain Bolt doesn’t wake up and think, “Shit! It’s the 100m final today. Best get out and do some training.” No. He knows exactly what training he is doing today. Tomorrow. Next week. Next month and what races he is in, 4 years in advance. The same goes for Mo, Jess, Johnny, Ali, Ellie and our other incredible athletes. Alex Ferguson didn’t rock up to Old Trafford on a Sunday at 4pm not knowing who he was playing against. He knew for months who he was playing. He will have reviewed video after video of their playing style to come up with the best strategy for that specific team. Lewis Hamilton didn’t rely on his reactions to hit every turn at exactly the right time. No he practiced every single corner, every single move hundreds of times well in advance. That’s what makes them top of their game. Knowing what is coming up. Preparation is 90% of your game plan, talent is the last 10%. So how does this translate into recruitment? It’s easy. Preparation is knowing what is coming up. It’s called Forecasting my friends. Simple.

How about this for a theory

2 recruiters 1 role. Recruiter X has an impeccable employer brand, with the greatest sourcing skills. Recruiter Z has an average employer brand and average sourcing tekkers. Both recruiting the same role. But! Recruiter Z has a 3 months heads up due to a forecast. Who do you think will win? I’d bet my last £50 that Z is walking this all day long. So now do you see what’s most important. Preparation. Forecasting. Everyone at the top of their game states that they didn’t get to where they are without hard work, grit and preparation Forecasting. The good news is you don’t have to plot out the next 4 years like our friend Usain, but you do have do it a little further than Fergy. You only have to do it for 12 months (that’s what we recommend). The bad news is you probably don’t have a team of highly qualified specialists to plot out this 12 month on your behalf like these guys. Or so you thought. It’s easier than you think.

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