Building a World Class TA Function

Building a World Class TA Function

Whether building or transforming your TA function, defining your offering is key to delighting your CHRO.


Hi, I’m Danny from Foresight and welcome to this short series of videos where I’m going to show you How to transform your TA function from transactional, slow, reactive, low credibility delivery centre to a true strategic, value adding trusted professional service that will delight your CHRO and even your CEO.

I think every recruitment / TA function is striving for the same outcome. To delight our hiring managers by recruiting exceptional talent, when they need it, to consistently deliver business objectives.

To achieve this, we need to be proactive.

But what is proactive recruitment? Well, a lot of TA leaders probably believe they are already delivering a proactive recruitment function because they use the term ‘proactive’ in terms of their outreach to candidates. We’re being proactive by contacting candidates on Linkedin as opposed to waiting for applicants from job ads etc but that isn’t proactive recruitment.

We need to start thinking of ‘proactive’ in terms of our delivery back to the business. This is probably easier to think of in terms of ‘reactive’ recruitment. If you take a look at your current vacancies the chances are the vast majority of them are urgent. The hiring manager is screaming that they need a hire tomorrow. That is the number 1 symptom of your function being in reactive mode. I think we can all relate to that and these videos will help lift your function out of reactivity.

The true definition of proactivity is having a clear picture of what your organisation is going to recruit ahead of the need becoming urgent. So the first building block or foundation in any progressive or proactive TA function is starting with a demand plan. Lets not race off thinking we need AI, machine learning and any other shiny tech. This is the basics, wherever you are in your journey of maturity, if you don’t have a demand plan this should be your number one focus. Think about it, if you had a clear demand plan of every role your organisation will be recruiting for the next year with say 100 days extra lead time, you’d have the opportunity to bring in talent way before the manager starts to feel any pain. you’d have the time to directly source more candidates. You’d have time to use more diverse channels – meaning more diverse candidates, And, you’d be able to build more focussed pipelines meaning your managers teams will be fuller for longer; meaning the only time they’ll be screaming now is about how great you and your team are to the CHRO. Everything you’re trying to achieve can be unlocked by having more time. 100+ days extra recruiting time might sound too good to be true but all our research tells us that is the minimum you can expect by running a robust demand planning process. So in the next videos I’ll refer a lot to this extra 100+ days. This is an average and some of our customers are achieving a lot more. Keep watching and I’ll explain how.

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