How Great TA Leaders Overcome Objections Part 1

How Great TA Leaders Overcome Objections Part 1

Great TA leaders don’t accept excuses or wait for everything to be 100% perfect, they keep moving forward.


Now let’s talk about some of the reasons that might stop you getting your demand plan or why you’ve never attempted it. The first one is you think your organisation is too complex, too fast moving. This is counter intuitive as if your org is complex or fast moving then you need this demand plan more than ever. If your org is complex and fast paced then its vital that you need to be connected to your hiring communities. Your demand plan will keep you connected and in tune with your business needs. In a fast moving complex organisation your demand plan is also your protection from the business. When they start pivoting and landing req after req after req, this is your armour to stop them complaining about slow and reactive recruitment. If Managers tell us about their demand then obviously we’ll be able to deliver it. If they keep it to themselves until the last minute then of course they’ll get a bad recruitment service. However, unfortunately for you, even though this is obviously not your fault, it will always end up being the recruitment function’s fault. Even though it isn’t your fault, it is your responsibility to fix the problem. That’s an annoying truth. An example would be Hi Danny we need to hire a new Design manager. Oh really why? Pete is retiring. Oh right when does Pete retire? In 2 weeks. Oh how long have you known pete will be retiring…..long pause…erm 3 yrs. Ok so you’ve known for 3 years and you’re giving me 2 weeks to recruit a new design manager. When in reality it will take us 2 weeks to advertise, 4 weeks to assess 1 week for contract stuff….plus the candidates notice period which might be a month so that takes us to 11 weeks so you’re not going to have someone doing that job for nearly 3 months, let alone if the candidate had 3 month notice period. How much is it costing your business not to have someone doing job for nearly 3 months? We’ll cover that in another video. This is quite obviously not the fault of TA but you know as soon as you explain that to them they’ll understand but then they leave the meeting they’ll tell their boss that recruitment is “too slow” and again that’s our fault. Multiply this by 100’s of times a year. This is why we have low credibility when in reality its not our fault. So to recap itisn’t our fault that business hold on to information but it is our responsibility to stop it happening. That’s the difference between fault and responsibility.

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