How Great TA Leaders Overcome Objections Part 2

How Great TA Leaders Overcome Objections Part 2

Great TA leaders don’t accept excuses or wait for everything to be 100% perfect, they keep moving forward.


More reasons why you might think you can’t obtain this incredibly powerful data set. My organisation different. We’re too project led. Projects and business wins happen so fast. In reality they don’t. New wins, new constructions, new projects don’t just happen overnight. There will be months of back and forth, contracting between your org and the customer, legals take time so what we need to think about is how do we extract this info – the topic of a later video.

Next reason, my hiring communities won’t tell me or they don’t know. Its true some wont and some don’t. But all our data tells us at least 8 out of 10 managers will and do. Lets compare that 80% to what you’re currently getting, let me guess 0? How about if only 40% of your managers knew and told you, you’d be light years ahead of where you’re at now. Receiving 40% of your demand will ensure your delivery rockets and in doing so will delight your CHRO.

Next reason. We’re not ready. We’re just transforming, we don’t even have an ATS yet. We’re going through a lot of change. The time is just not quite right. We all know change is constant. If you’re waiting for a clear path, a lull in hiring volumes it will never arrive. What’s another thing that comes with change? Vacancies! We see some of the best data come from organisations that implement a demand planning process in the middle of change. It brings clarity on what they need to hire and when.

We’re not mature enough yet. Well start simple. Take baby steps. As you see in the upcoming video of how to define the process you don’t have to go big bang all in to achieve great results. Small steps initially will bring huge business productivity increases that will impress your c-suite guaranteed.

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