The 5 Stages of a Proactive TA Function

The 5 Stages of a Proactive TA Function

Progressive TA leaders know there are 5 stages in a recruitment process NOT 4.


So step 1 in any recruitment transformation is simply recognising that demand planning is critical to the success of making your function deliver what it needs to. Maybe demand planning is a brand new concept, perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea of implementing a process for some time. What I would suggest is strip back what you’re looking to achieve this year and the chances are it will be underpinned by having a demand planning process, as you’ll see in the coming videos. What we do know is we have guided lots of large, complex organisations through their transformation from slow, reactive to true trusted, strategic advisory professional functions and it all starts here. You can read our case studies and see how we’ve taken the all the hard work away but you can still reap the same results and get the same credit all our other TA leaders have.

For decades recruitment functions have set themselves up with the following buckets in their recruitment process Attract, Assess, Offer, Onboard. But they’ve missed a massive part out of the process ‘Demand planning’. Think about it. Every other function in your business plans but we don’t. Imagine if the CFO was asked to deliver their objectives without a plan. Imagine if supply chain, logistics or sales were asked to work without a plan. Unthinkable. But for years we just accept what the business throws at us. Is it any wonder that we’re not respected as function if we allow this to happen year after year? Perhaps that elusive seat at the table is because we’re not strong enough to push back and say ‘we’re a professional service’ (possibly the most important one) and we shouldn’t be approaching something as critical as our talent attraction without a clear demand plan. Every piece of technology we’re being pressured into buying is trying to speed up the recruitment process once it has started. We’ve been conditioned as a function to be reactive. However we’re missing a massive trick. There is a huge amount of time in the recruitment process before the req has even hit the ATS. We need to start trying to get some of this time into the recruitment process. You may not have thought about this before but I'm going to show you that there is another 100 days of recruitment time you’re missing out on. This time is all before the req hits. Its utilising this time that is going to get your hiring managers houting about how great your function is, how proactive you are. So let’s start getting this into our vocab. Start talking to your HRD / CHRO about the importance of Demand planning. But before you do keep watching as we’ll arm you with everything you need to know to blow their socks off. In later videos we’ll walk you through the in’s and outs of demand planning and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Demand planning, demand planning, demand planning. Its the foundation, your blue print, the number 1 data set that you need to make sure you’re delivering an incredible service. So to recap, the buckets you need to focus on for your transformation and ultimately need budget for, are Demand Planning, Attraction, Assessment, Preboarding, Onboarding. If you’re looking to have a tech enabled TA function, then those are the 5 buckets you need to focus on, and in later videos you’ll even see how to build a simple business case to gain investment. Every piece of technology following demand planning will be turbocharged. If you have missed off demand planning or don’t currently focus on it then I would suggest you need to revisit it immediately.

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