The Solution!

The Solution!

Foresight makes Demand Planning simple. Implement quickly, gather data automatically and support managers effortlessly.


How does Foresight help you achieve 150 days extra recruiting time on roles in your organisation?

It’s simple – demand planning.

We collect your demand right from the source – your line managers.

The Foresight process takes managers on average under 10 minutes to complete.

Managers are engaged every 3 months to keep data up to date.

Every manager is guided through a series of questions about themselves and their team.

They’re asked to input simple things like the job title, location, and required date.

Your data is collated into dynamic reports, available 24/7.

See high level information, like spikes in demand and the top reasons for recruiting.

Foresight’s convenient dashboard makes trends easy to spot.

Under the dashboard is a list of every data point, easily filtered, sorted and exported to Excel.

Your reports are sent to the relevant recruiters, HRBPs, and Senior Leaders, automatically.

But here’s the clever bit…

At the right time, roles inputted into Foresight are automatically created in your ATS on behalf of the manager, giving your recruitment team more time to find the right candidate.

At the same time, the manager is notified, so they can amend or delete the requisition if necessary.

Our customers see requisitions raised up to 150 days before the role is needed, giving your recruiters the gift of time.

At the end of each cycle a review pack is generated and presented back to you, showing you the metrics that matter to your business.

High-level stats include:

  • Average lead time
  • Actual cost avoidance
  • Cost saving opportunity

What could you achieve with 150 days extra recruiting time?

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