How to Create a Great Environment for your Team

How to Create a Great Environment for your Team

How to step up and become that leader, that cares about your teams working environment.


Let’s talk EVP & employer branding. There are obvious links as to how demand planning will impact the work you’re doing around your EVP and EB. How do you know where to focus your efforts if you don’t know what you’re going to recruit?

Yes, you may think you’ve always got core roles that you’re always going to hire, but that’s only half the story. You need to know when if you’re going to create meaningful attraction strategies. If you have an employer branding agency as a partner, then their work would be turbocharged if you could supply them this info.

Another angle to think about is, without a clear demand plan, how are you creating a great environment for your team? Are you the TA Leader that just accepts what the business throws at them, and lets the team plough through and suffer? Or, are you like our progressive TA Leaders that have their finger on the pulse of the entire business, meaning your team aren’t flogged to death?

Imagine if you were hiring for your team and you could describe a working environment that meant they could deliver remarkable things, because you as the leader have put the basics in place to see what demand is coming, rather than 90% of other TA functions that head face first into a reactive fire-fighting function. That’s quite the attractive environment you’d be creating, and in the current market, trying to recruit great recruiters, that should give you the advantage.

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