How to Make your Managers Love You

How to Make your Managers Love You

Say goodbye to hiring manager escalations: How to increase manager satisfaction in the recruitment process.


Now let’s focus on hiring manager satisfaction. As you can see from the previous videos, their whole satisfaction, experience and perception of the TA function depends on giving them great talent as quickly as possible for them to deliver their objectives, and feel as little pain as possible. However, this is all dependent on them engaging with us on their demand plan as early as possible. However 99% of managers will not think to download this into your team. They might discuss it with their functional leader or their HRBP, but it will rarely make its way into your function. But for all of the reasons we’ve already talked about, you need this info. This is where you need to take control. You need to take ownership of this, as your whole service delivery depends on it. No one else will do this. The hiring communities are never going to wake up and think, “you know what would really help TA? If we all got together and collated our demand plan into a way that would really help them build their service offering”. You might think your HRBPs can provide you with this data that you need. But as I’ll talk about in the next video, they’re too busy themselves. You can work in conjunction with them, but they’ll never own this process. Also, don’t let them trick you into thinking that this is their job – if it was, why aren’t they doing it already? So in short, the path to delighting hiring managers is actually very simple. Help them tell you what they need, but in a way that allows you to deliver it when they need it. Do this, and manager escalations and complaints will be a thing of the past.

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