Using Data to Turbocharge your ED&I and Quality of Hire

Using Data to Turbocharge your ED&I and Quality of Hire

Finally using data to underpin your approach to ED&I. Driving up quality of hire.


Quality of hire - now this is something our line managers do care about. 99% of the time our managers want the best candidate available. But when we don’t have a demand plan we are restricted on time. Managers may feel they are forced into hiring what is available on your shortlist as you haven’t had time to properly go to market, which means they become disgruntled which in turn becomes our fault, but if you remember the root cause is actually the delay in starting to recruit, which in fact sits with the manager! If we were running a demand planning process we would have an extra 100+ days in the sourcing part of the process, we would be able to create more impactful and compelling attraction strategies meaning we get a higher calibre of candidate. And what happens to our stock when our managers see us bringing in higher quality of talent, it goes through the roof.

The argument to focus on quality of hire has long reaching impact within your business too; better hires have more impact in their roles and crucially stay for longer. Poor hires don’t have the same impact and will often bounce out of the business – leading to a costly and time intensive replacement exercise!

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